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Our methodology resonates with owner-operators, entrepreneurs and all types of professionals because our definition of quality investing aligns with the attributes they strive to achieve in their business.  We call this approach QSect – short for Quality Sector, looking for high-quality holdings on a sector-by-sector basis independent of geography.

TriCert Investment Counsel is registered with the securities regulators as a Portfolio Manager and is engaged to provide clients with discretionary portfolio management.


Investment Principles


QSect, an approach that is singularly focused on achieving your goals while delivering peace of mind.


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QSect Principle 1: Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA)

1. Household–based Asset Allocation

Enables tax-optimized asset location across entities, individuals, and account types.

QSect Principle 2: Sector-Based Equity SAA

2. Sector-Based Equity Asset Allocation

Select the best companies regardless of old-world geographic restrictions to optimize results and improve diversification.

QSect Principle 3: Timing Market Transactions

3. Timing Market Transactions

Valuation analysis informs our timing of investments into and out of the market alongside client-specific comfort levels.

QSect Principle 4: Valuation-Based Active Investment

4. Valuation-Based Active Management

Historically, a less volatile portfolio with companies you want to own for the long-term.

QSect Principle 5: Quality Investing

5. Quality Investing

Dominant industry players, strong barriers to entry, proven business models, strong balance sheets, growing dividends and reasonable share prices.

QSect Principle 6: Sector-Based Tactical Asset Allocation

6. Sector-Based Asset Allocation Adjustments

Capitalize on global macroeconomic trends more efficiently through sector allocation shifts (as compared to geographic shifts).

QSect Principle 7: Exceeding Household's Financial Plan Metrics

7. Exceeding Household’s Financial Plan Metrics

Our benchmark for success is meeting or exceeding the appropriate metrics in each household’s financial plan.

Customized Portfolios


We apply our QSect approach to our client’s portfolios based on their unique goals, circumstances and, most importantly, their risk tolerance. For clients who are early in their journey, we utilize a series of portfolios and we’ll be adding our TriCert QSect Equity Pool in the near future. For clients well along their way, we create portfolios with individual QSect equities and income-producing holdings that enable an even higher level of customization as well as streamlined tax loss/gain harvesting.

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