Taking a holistic tax-efficient approach to wealth management

Meet goals, optimize tax efficiency, and have peace of mind.
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Integration Delivers Results

Taking a household-centric approach

At TriCert, we seamlessly integrate the expertise of our three certified professionals to deliver a comprehensive experience tailored to meet your household’s unique financial goals.

Optimizing tax efficiency

Accountants provide many services and yet the one that resonates with most clients is optimizing tax efficiencies. Our collaborative approach typically starts with a tax plan that optimizes tax efficiency and aligns across all aspects of your personal and business goals.

Tailored financial planning

Our financial planners’ prime responsibility is understanding your family’s and business’s unique goals and setting a path to achieve them. We work together with your accountant’s tax plan to implement a comprehensive financial plan that prioritizes tax efficiency while helping you achieve your goals.

Investment management

Your TriCert Investment Counsel Portfolio Manager’s most important role is to deliver peace of mind while striving to meet your financial plan’s goals and objectives. Peace of mind is all about understanding your unique circumstances, risk capacity, and risk tolerance – not just for each individual, but with a view to the entire household.  That is our household approach to Know Your Client (KYC).

Asset allocation

With an understanding of your unique circumstances and risk tolerance of the household, your portfolio manager creates an overall portfolio with an asset allocation – the level of holdings in each asset class – that matches your comfort level.

Asset location

With an understanding of the various asset classes in your portfolio and a view of your tax plan, your portfolio manager will ensure the proper asset class is placed in the appropriate entity and individual’s account type to optimize tax efficiency. This is one of the key values of TriCert’s household approach to managing your wealth.


And finally, the actual holdings. Here’s where we utilize our Quality Sector approach to investment management.