Goals for your family and your enterprise

Creating the roadmap to achieve your goals


Financial planning is the process of understanding the goals and time horizons of your family members and your business and then creating the roadmap to achieve those goals. Typical goals may be a comfortable retirement, funding the kids’ education, transferring your business to a family member, down payment for a house, or leaving a legacy. Meeting these goals, in a tax-optimized fashion, and doing so while providing you peace of mind is the goal of your financial planner and our partners.

Integrating your accountant’s tax plan into the financial planning process creates a high level of efficiency and clarity. Through financial planning, new insights may be gained to optimize the tax plan – insights that would not be obtained with a typical tax planning process.

Understanding all your goals



Protecting what you care about and optimizing taxes while leaving a legacy – these are two goals our financial planners explore with our clients. And they have one thing in common – insurance.


And yet, most accountants hate insurance as much as you do. The truth is, there’s much to be wary of in the complex world of insurance, and that’s why our accountants asked TriCert Insurance Agency to create the ADⱯPT™ diagnostic. ADⱯPT is a multi-step process designed to satisfy the intense scrutiny of our accountant owners. The diagnostic leverages an understanding of your goals, priorities, and detailed financial situation and determines if lifestyle protection and/or optimizing tax efficiency makes sense for you. Our clients have complete peace of mind when they implement a plan that their accountant has reviewed and approved.


Insurance AnalysisADⱯPT Diagnostic

Financial planning insights

Tax Plan vs Financial Plan

Tax Plan vs Financial Plan

Tax plans, managed by accountants, aim to minimize yearly income taxes. They can range from simple strategies for employees to complex plans for business owners. On the other hand, financial plans are comprehensive documents outlining how individuals can achieve their...