Our name says it all.

TriCert articulates our approach of integrating three (Tri-) certified (-Cert) professionals (CPA, CFP, and CIM/CFA) as one team to deliver results for clients.   

TriCert Financial Group, in conjunction with our partners, provides tax planning, financial planning, investment management and insurance services. With 25 years of demonstrated expertise, clients benefit from the integration of their trusted accountants’ business, tax and financial planning advice, TriCert Investment Counsel’s portfolio management, and TriCert Insurance Agency’s ADPT™ process.  

TriCert Investment Counsel, formerly Independent Accountants’ Investment Counsel (IAIC), is a registered portfolio management firm founded in 1999, managing over $2.5 billion in assets under management (AUM) for thousands of households across all ten Canadian provinces and the Yukon Territory. At TriCert Investment Counsel, we’re investors, not traders. Our QSect™ approach utilizes a quality, sector-based methodology, matching a client’s risk tolerance with a tailored portfolio to meet goals while comforting clients through volatile markets.

Taking a holistic view of your financial affairs, together with your tax plan, financial plan, and broader financial landscape, we tailor solutions unique to you. Your financial plan’s goals serve as our benchmark to build portfolios that let you sleep soundly, optimize tax efficiency and deliver results.

TriCert Insurance Agency, formerly Independent Accountants’ Life Insurance Agency (IALIA), is a powerful component of TriCert’s integrated approach focused on fulfilling lifestyle protection and tax optimization strategies. Using our accountants’ ADꓯPT™ process, clients’ needs and priorities are considered before a commission-agnostic, optimized solution is CPA-reviewed and presented to the client.

TriCert Private Wealth, a division of TriCert Investment Counsel Inc., is our service offering for clients who do not have a relationship with one of our partner CPA firms. We’re happy to integrate with your CPA.