Integrating three certified professionals Accounting to deliver results for our clients.


Optimize tax efficiency, achieve goals, and have peace of mind while doing it.

TriCert Financial Group integrates the expertise of accountants (CPAs), financial planners (CFPs), and portfolio managers (CFAs/CIMs) to deliver results for families, individuals, private companies, estates, and trusts.

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Integration Delivers Results for our clients.

Starting with trust and expertise

The journey typically starts with your CPA and a holistic tax plan.

We create a unique goals-based plan

Through an iterative approach with your tax plan, your CPA and CFP work together to build your financial plan which may include a lifestyle protection and tax efficiency diagnostic (ADPT™).

We are investors, not traders

TriCert Investment Counsel’s QSect™ investment approach focuses on diversified, quality, sector-based investments that align with our investment principles and your unique circumstances.

TriCert integrated services


TriCert Financial Group is owned by accountants for accounting firm clients. Typically, you will begin your TriCert journey with your Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and the creation of a household-centric tax plan.

Financial Planning

Through an iterative approach with your tax plan, your accountant and financial planner work together to build your financial plan, which includes a proactive lifestyle protection and tax efficiency insurance diagnostic (ADⱯPT™).

Investment Management

TriCert Investment Counsel is a registered portfolio management firm wholly owned by TriCert Financial Group. Working with your accountant and financial planner, our portfolio managers take a quality, sector-based (QSect™) approach to investing.

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